Our resourceful, and conservative budget is used to fulfill our mission by engaging, empowering, and equipping churches and their volunteers to serve families. Building bridges, and amplifying those funds into far-reaching concrete and tangible provision long term.

Your financial support provides the tools and staff needed to support churches creating teams to bridge to families in their community, and bring them into the supportive fellowship they can offer.

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Our evidence-based program is focused on bridging the support families receive from the church in their neighborhood.

Not creating one more temporary program to put a band-aid on a family’s need - but connecting them to community that can help them find a way to long-term stability.

This allows us to work with a small budget with a high investment return. One year of foster care costs the state upwards of $40,000 a year - one hosting averages out to less than $1,500.

The real return is the connection and support that follow and what research has found most effectively moves people out of poverty - supportive relationships that cross socioeconomic boundaries.

By connecting to families in a wide variety of roles. All of them can fit into your life - and the time you have to offer!


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Safe Families is a grassroots movement...

The mission is shared by those serving, and those numbers grow by sharing the mission!

  • Connect with us to help us spread the word!
  • Invite us to share with your church or group -
  • Help us by joining our Advisory Council!


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We are thankful for those supporting our mission!

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